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How To Program MIDI: Part II

Don’t have a band that can play out your ideas? Don’t know how to play multiple instruments but want them in your song? In this post, I'll show you how you can program different types of instruments and how you can use MIDI to get your ideas laid out even if you don’t know how to play those instruments yourself.

I hope that seeing what you can do all from within your DAW inspires you to create and do more with your songs and know that you are not limited on doing what you want for your song even if you don’t have the capabilities to play different instruments because I sure don’t. Start with a section at a time and mess with the MIDI notes until you hear the ideas in your head come to life.

As always feel free to leave me a comment about questions you might have. I’d also like to know what instruments you are excited to start programming in your songs.

Until next time. Cheers!

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