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Founded with passion and purpose, VivaBeat is more than just a music production company – it's record label focused on creativity, diversity, and empowerment.​


At the helm is Tina Ván - a dynamic Latina entrepreneur, driven by a fervent love for music and a commitment to uplifting artists from all walks of life. Her journey as an artist turned business leader has given rise to VivaBeat, a platform where her own aspirations now pave the way for others to shine.​


Situated in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, a richly diverse region, VivaBeat thrives on embracing and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual—much like the region in which it was founded. Our mission extends beyond the studio – it's a mission to empower, uplift, and push artistic boundaries. With VivaBeat, your creativity finds its true potential, your artistry evolves, and your message reaches new heights. We believe that through the art of music, we can weave connections that transcend barriers.




VivaBeat seeks to empower music creators by providing them with the tools to unlock the untapped potential of their passion through education. VivaBeat passionately promotes the pursuit of knowledge and skill refinement. This equips artists to elevate their artistry while understanding the profound impact their creations can wield.

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